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Hottest 2021 Summer Trends in Men
luxury leathers and shoe uppers

     We all know summer’s right around the corner and we can all feel the heat swooping in. The sweltering summer is no reason to fret, we’ve got you covered with regards to everything that’s hot and what’s not when it comes to men’s shoes. Summer brings with it its own style, own rules which are more relaxed because honestly, keeping cool is priority number one.

With our in house fashion stylists and our ever roving eye, we’ve curated a list of summer trends that will make sure you fashion stays on point this season –

Moccasins Summer Blog

1. Moccasins

Moccasins are picking up steam in the Indian market. Relatively unknown a decade ago, they are becoming increasingly common on the streets. Every well dressed man, has a pair of moccasins in his wardrobe. Moccasins are slip on leather shoes which make for great semi formal office wear. Unlike other slip on shoes, moccasins come with a proper sole and can even replace your formal black leather shoes. Brown moccasins are in all year round, but you can experiment with brighter and bolder shades this season and try our Maroon or Blue paired with white or beige trousers or shorts. Brighter moccasins will make sure that you stand out with your unique style as well as give you’re an edge to your normally simple outfit.

Loafers Summer Blog

2. Loafers

Loafers make every list and this because they never go out of style. Typically known as an informal shoe which pairs well with cargos, pants, and demins, loafers are a staple in a well dressed man’s wardrobe who knows how to dress casually. Pair your loafers with a simple crisp white shirt and denims and you will surely be known for your elegant style. Loafers are slip on shoes as well but they come without the tassles that moccasins are known for. Loafers are also more casual best worn during a Sunday brunch or visit to the mall.

Brogues Summer Blog

3. Brogues

While Brogues aren’t typically known as a summer shoe, they make the list purely because its such a classic! Brogues don’t subscribe to only winter or autumn dress code simply because they are so effortless Simple brown or black brogues spruce up the simplest look and add a touch of sophistication and class. Brogues tend to transcend the ever changing landscape of fashion trends and remain in style all year round. Summer brogues are definitely a thing especially the lighter shades which pair brilliantly with chinos or denims.

Its important to always keep in mind to buy a shoe which suits you perfectly. A shoe can change your entire outfit and add a layer of confidence but that only comes if you and your shoe are a perfect fit. Take the time out to understand what kind of fit you need because summer can become excruciating in an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

Trends Summer

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